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Greenland - The Misunderstood Land of Intrigue

Posted on May 6, 2022 by Thanh Woytek

Say "Greenland" and a traveler immediately thinks of a huge slab of ice. With attractions such as for example Disko Bay, Motzfeldt So Lake, and the hikes around Qaqortoq, Greenland is ideal for travelers searching for something off the beaten path.

Disko Bay

Disko Bay may be the home to massive icebergs. By massive, I'm talking icebergs how big is large buildings. The icebergs are simply just everywhere. Watching one of these brilliant giants shrug off a couple of hundred thousand pounds of ice is really a sight you won't ever forget. Lots of folks have suggested a 1 day boat cruise around Disko Bay may be the most impressive you can ever take.

Motzfeldt So Lake

If hiking is really a mandatory section of your vacation plan, Lake Motzfeldt is for you personally. The lake is enclosed by glaciers, has it's own icebergs and is really a stunning color of green. The peeks surrounding the lake top out above 5,000 feet. You can find a huge selection of stunning hikes round the lake with almost all winding between immense glaciers. Staring up at the stunning monsters can make your brain swirl.


Qaqortoq is really a harbor town in the South of Greenland. Meaning "the white", Qaqortoq includes a population of just a little over 3,000 people. The city is the located area of the stone and folks project, that involves sculptors creating marble pieces and placing them through the entire town. It really is an extraordinary site, particularly during summer when flowers sprout with a vengeance through the entire area.

Travel Adventure

With the onset of adventure travel, Greenland has sprouted a fresh industry. If you are likely to go extreme, you truly can't beat Greenland. In the event that you fancy yourself a jogger, try the Artic Marathon around Nuuk or the Polar Circle Race that runs from Kangerlussuaq to the boundary of the ice cap. If artic running doesn't cut it, think about a using sharks? Yep, you can test your hand at catching the Greenland Shark in a 7-day shark challenge. These monsters weigh just as much as 1,500 pounds.

While you might blanch at a suggested vacation on Greenland, you mustn't. The country is actually among the last undiscovered refuges for the present day traveler.