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Renting a Car

Posted on July 12, 2023 by Thanh Woytek

There are several horror stories on the market about those who have returned vehicles to an automobile rental location and then hear later they are being accused of damage they are unaware of. Even though many people believe the "car rental company has gone out to obtain them" at these times, it is almost always an unfortunate clerical error instead of any maliciousness. However, sometimes, many renters returned vehicles which have been damaged while these were on rent despite the fact that they didn't know it occurred. So remember that the chance exists.

Here are a few actions you can take if you discover out which you have been accused of car rental damage.

  • Remain calm. Nothing infuriates car rental counter agents a lot more than an enraged customer who makes all sorts of threat they cannot follow-up on. In the event that you remain calm, it really is much more likely that the agents can help you.
  • Get your facts straight. Know exactly once you picked up the automobile so when you returned it. Accommodations agent could accidentally devote the incorrect time and find yourself assigning harm to you that has been really due to somebody who had the automobile once you. Or they may be performing a damage report on someone else's car and miss-type the rental contract number also it gets assigned for you. It's an innocent mistake simply by pressing the incorrect number and you will be surprised how often it happens. To get rid of this as a chance, asked to start to see the "computer version" of one's contract. This might oftimes be a printout of the info input by the counter agent on your own contract. That's where you'll determine if you can find any facts out of line, such as for example an accidental discrepancy in checkout times, kind of car, or contract number.
  • Most car rental contracts involve some sort of area in it that indicates damage either with a drawing of the automobile that gets marked up or a location where damage is listed. Ask to visit a copy of the contract if you don't have yours handy, and have to visit a copy of five or ten contracts before yours and after yours because sometimes damage could be missed if the automobile was inspected at night or in the torrential rain.
  • Remember that you might be held accountable for the automobile before office gets the keys. So, in the event that you leave the automobile in your driveway and fall off the keys at the rental office on the way to work, you'll still be held accountable if the automobile is damaged prior to the rental company can pick it up.

    If it's proven that the automobile rental damage is yours, you'll likely be surprised at how expensive it really is to correct. Car rental companies usually do not earn money on car repairs but car repairs have become, very expensive & most folks are unaware at how pricey it could be. You might however be charged "downtime" to cover for the period of time your car had not been rentable.

    If the damage had not been yours, however, using these ideas should assist you to solve the problem quickly.