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Tips for Worry Free Trips

Posted on March 22, 2023 by Thanh Woytek

Tips for worry free trips:

Take along a medical professional

If your allowance permits it, and you also need another chaperone on the trip, consider asking your school nurse to complement on the trip with you. Other alternatives may be the parent of students that is clearly a nurse or physician. This person often will receive a free or at the very least lower cost on the trip, however in return you won't need to worry just as much about what to accomplish in case a student gets sick once you leave. Suggestion: if possible take the institution nurse. They will have liability coverage through the institution in the event something goes wrong.

Plan ahead and ensure that your chaperones are kept busy through the trip

Taking more chaperones on trip than you will need isn't necessarily a very important thing. Sometimes adults could be a lot more of a pain compared to the students can, particularly if that adult sees the trip as a secondary for themselves instead of being an educational experience for the students.

Ban alcohol on your own trip

I'm not discussing just students, I'm also discussing adults. Our local band parent's organization passed an answer in the past which forbids any adult on the trip from consuming alcohol even though no students remain. First, it sends an excellent message to your students. Second, this is a good safeguard against a parent calling your principal and complaining because their daughter told them that their chaperone was down drinking in the hotel bar yesterday evening.

Provide your chaperones with a guidebook

Make a planning packet designed for your chaperones that spells out your expectations, their duties, and a far more in-depth itinerary compared to the one you share with the students. Also one of them guidebook ought to be a roommate listing, air travel assignments, travel agent emergency numbers, and telephone numbers for you as well as your trip nurse.

Always have a crisis plan in place

Give each participant a wallet sized card with telephone numbers, hotel numbers, along with other important information to utilize on the opportunity they get separated from the group. If traveling in a country that will not speak your language, include on the card a sentence or two in the native language explaining how exactly to contact you. Tell your participants to provide this card to and then a officer or someone they believe they are able to trust and only utilize it if needed.