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Vienna - The Jewel of Austria

Posted on October 25, 2022 by Thanh Woytek

Vienna is definitely renowned among the most beautiful cities in Europe, with justification. The architecture is magnificent, there are abundant gardens, and it's really a pedestrian's paradise. Escaping . by walking with a good map is the ultimate way to view its charms.

The Habsburg family ruled Austria for over 6 centuries, and Vienna was their base. The Hofburg Palace was begun in the 13th century, then expanded and altered for years and years, incorporating numerous architectural styles. Nowadays it houses the Austrian President. Sunday mass has an possibility to hear the Vienna Boys' Choir. Differing of the palace are available to visitors, and it's really worth allowing the required time to travel exploring.

Like all good European royalty, the Habsburgs also had their summer palace - the Schloss Schönbrunn. An overwhelming connection with gilding and stucco, it's worth the U-bahn journey to go to, simply for the pure magnificence of everything. The gardens are incredibly beautiful, and suitable to a peaceful stroll.

Back the centre of Vienna, St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom) is definitely seen as a landmark, using its magnificent tiled roof and spindly spires. It is possible to climb the south tower and revel in the view. The local Haas Haus, completed in 1990, is newer, and a way to obtain controversy. Some say the stunning old cathedral is crowded and degraded by its silver curves and glass. Others say it creates some very interesting reflections.

Near by is Kärntner Strasse, a pedestrian only mall which gives hours of fascination for visitors, with cafes, shops and street entertainers. A stroll this is a smart way to obtain a real feel for the human heart of Vienna.

If you follow Kärntner Strasse south, you reach the Staatsoper (State Opera House), built-in the 1860s. This opulent building was badly damaged in the next world war, and was only reopened in 1955. The inside is most beneficial enjoyed attending a performance, nevertheless, you can also embark on a guided tour throughout the day. Nearby is the Burggarten, a pleasant garden containing many statues of Mozart. Additionally, there is the Butterfly House, if you need to see something just a little different.

Although the set of places to go to in Vienna is lengthy, you don't want to miss Maria Theresa Platz. Flanked on two sides by exactly the same museums of ARTWORK and of Natural History, it's a fantastic location to sit and contemplate the wonder of Vienna. Both museums are also worth losing yourself set for a while.

As your final touch to your day, the Prater Amusement Park is packed with traditional delights. The huge ferris wheel at the heart of the park offers a great view of the location during the night, and may give a sense of déjà vu for many who enjoy James Bond movies.

Many people go through Vienna in a rush on the whistlestop tour of Europe, and lose out on this city's many beauties and attractions. Be kind to yourself and ensure you allow the required time to sample its delights.